Welcome to Lakehouse South

One picture is worth a thousand words. These four speak to the beauty you will awaken to each and every day at Lake House South. But there is so much more to enjoy in our lovely Lake House South community.

We are a sixteen story high rise condominium situated on five acres of beautifully landscaped property on Lake Boca. The building has been designed to afford every unit a spectacular view of the ocean and/or the intracoastal.

The  pool is heated so residents will be swimming and exercising year round. The pool deck is sunny and shade is afforded by the numerous lounge chairs and umbrella tables and chairs. We have two saunas with showers and bathrooms readily accessible to the pool area. What more could an owner desire? Well, yes, there is more:

We have a beautiful barbeque pavilion equipped with a large grill, sink, long picnic tables and benches, and a tiki bar with a small cooler for those margaritas you will be enjoying with your family and friends.

Our dock accommodates 20 boat slips, individually owned. There are benches upon which you may sit on a sunny day and enjoy the boats cruising around the Lake.